I’m a big fan of books about movies. I am also a big fan of books about a lot of movies. After all, sometimes you want to sit down, read a few pages about one movie, then read a few pages about another. One such book is HIDDEN HORROR. Compiled by HorrorHound Magazine staff writer Dr. AC (Aaron Christensen), this book covers 101 unheard of, but apparently worth your time, horror movies. The book is divided into 101 short two-plus page essays on a horror movie that you probably haven’t heard of.

As a movie fan, I’ve heard of over half of them, but quite a few are still new to me. What’s especially cool is that each movie’s write up is done by a different author. This way, you don’t have to deal with what just one person thinks is cool. Each person is recommending you what they think is awesome about their particular film. I have only seen 11 of these films as of the time of this review, so I have plenty of discovery ahead of me. Of course, I’d love to have seen the other 90 of them already to know whether the authors were right or not in their recommendations.

Hardcore horror fans may want to check the list before they pick up the book since they may not have much to find, but certainly for a mainstream horror fan such as myself, there’s plenty to learn about here. The 101 films covers films from all over the world and covers a ton of different genres.  I mean, come on, a book the recommends both TREMORS and THE BLOB remake? What’s not to love?

HIDDEN HORROR is currently available from Kitley’s Krypt press.




Remember a few years back when there was a big trend of writing novels that took a classic book rewriting it by infusing it with a modern piece of pop culture? You remember PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE AND ZOMBIES and its countless rip-offs, right? Well, how about going the other way? Why don’t we take a modern story and rewrite it in an old style? Well, that’s just what we have here with WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S STAR WARS. You remember the lost play of the Bard that told the tale of Luke Skywalker? Author Ian Doescher has done a great job of taking A NEW HOPE and completely retelling the tale using the style of classic Shakespeare. It has some awesome gems of dialogue like:

LEIA: Darth Vader, only thou couldst be so bold.

When first my ship was under siege, I knew

‘Twas thee who had this pieceful vessel sack’d.

Th’Imperi’l Senate shall not stand for this.


HAN: The travel unto hyperspace is not

The same as thine a’dusting of the crops

Upon thy land of infinite dry sand.

Sans calculations quite exact, we would

Belike run through a belt of asteroids,

Or hit upon a planet’s center mark.

Should such our fate become, thy trip would end

Before it had begun.

As a fan of both Star Wars and Shakespeare, it really enjoyed this book.  It’s a breezy read, certainly easier than all the times you read Shakespeare back in high school. After all, If you’re anything like me you can practically recite A NEW HOPE by heart, so it makes the comprehension of the translation to “Shakespeare” a very easy task. I look forward to checking out the sequel, William Shakespeare’s THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK.

Both William Shakespeare’s STAR WARS and William Shakespeare’s THE EMPIRE STRIKETH BACK are available from Quirk Books.


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