NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS – An Important Announcement About Changes To The GEEK LEAGUE OF AMERICA


If you’re familiar with the term, “You can’t fight city hall,” then you also know it isn’t just about trying to get out of parking tickets or passing zoning legislation for a new playground; it’s broader meaning is that the “little guy” doesn’t have much hope of going it alone and competing against the might of the establishment. I’ve been writing daily news updates here for the better part of two years now, and although I enjoy doing it for the most part, it’s time to make a major change to the Geek League of America’s content and move on from chasing the latest geek movie/TV/comic book news.

The hard reality is, it takes time, focus, resources, and manpower to effectively cover all of the casting/directing/production announcements, post and analyze the trailers, and report on all of the major superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and other genre films and TV shows as sites like CinemaBlend, Uproxx, Slashfilm, io9, AintitCool, and others do. Those websites have the benefit being either income-generating LLC’s, or parts of massive media conglomerates like AOL/Time Warner, and therefore, they have the ability to pay a large number of editors and contributors who are online 24/7 to make sure every tiny bit of news about Star Wars, Marvel Studios, Lord Of The Rings, The DC Comics movies, etc, is covered and posted within minutes.

I work a full-time job and post news updates on my breaks and lunch hour; and on a good day can barely post three or four of top stories. If it’s an insanely busy day of announcements and big rumors, forget it. I consider myself fortunate to have a handful of dedicated writers who I can call upon in a jam to write up a news piece, but even with this help, keeping up with the major sites as far as news updates goes is a hopeless, uphill battle.

That’s why I’m transitioning the Geek League of America to opinion-based and analysis-driven content. I want this site to be focused on informative, controversial, intelligent, funny, and flat-out entertaining essays, editorials, top 5 or 10 lists, reviews, interviews, convention reports, and other opinion-centric material that truly conveys the passion I and my staff have for the world of geek culture. So, allow me to lay out what content is going, what’s staying, and what’s sort of up in the air:


What’s Going:

As I laid out in the opening, pretty much just the daily multiple news updates. You know, things like this:

Meet The Transformers of AGE OF EXTINCTION

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY News – Thanos Confirmed; Film Connects To AVENGERS 3

Now of course, there will be exceptions. When the Star Wars: Episode VII cast and title are revealed, or when a photo of Ben Affleck in his Batman costume hits, we’ll likely post that Earth-shattering stuff and discuss it a bit; but for all intents and purposes, we will no longer function as a movie/TV/comic book news outlet.


What’s Staying:

The LeagueCast podcast: I’m making this my primary focus moving forward; and I’m going to do my absolute damnedest to produce and host the show every single week.

Fun stuff like Top Ten Lists, the Humor category, and the “Good Things About…” column. I love to laugh, and I love to poke fun at the stuff I love, as well as get wrapped in nostalgia for geek culture. By keeping the humor category around, you’ll have lot of hilarious spoof and parody videos to check out, as well as tons of memes and other funny stuff. Everyone loves a good top ten list, especially those that make us smile, or get us thinking and leaving comments about what we think is missing from the lists. I’ll be writing some of my own, and I hope the great Kevyn Knox sticks around to continue his weekly Top Ten lists like these:

The 10 Best Sorcerers & Wizards

The Top 10 Best After School Cartoons Of The ’80s

And of course, editorials and essays like these:

Is Death Meaningless In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

1982: The Greatest Year

There Goes My Hero: Learning To Let Go of Our Ownership Of Superman

Reviews & Interviews: Movie reviews aren’t going ANYWHERE. Summer blockbuster season is coming and I’ll be reviewing all of the major superhero and sci-fi films like AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, X-MEN: DOFP, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, GODZILLA, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, and more. I hope that my usual review crew of Johnny Donaldson, Aaron Peterson, Dave Zagorski, and Justin Macumber stick around to contribute as well.

We’ll also keep trying to bring you exclusive interviews with celebs and geek culture folks like these:

Interview With Captain America: The Winter Soldier VFX Animator Claire Niebergall

Interview with WETA workshops’ Daniel Falconer

Convention Reports:We’ll still go to Comic-Cons around the country and file reports, videos, and cosplay galleries as long as they’ll have us! Check out some of our older visits:

San Diego Comic-Con reports

New York Comic-Con Reports

Cosplay Video From ConnectiCon


Up In The Air:

Movie Trailers, primarily. I like trailers, but I don’t necessarily enjoy writing about them or describing them, but right now I’m probably leaning towards keeping them around.


So, there you have it. Now, unfortunately in the early goings of this format, it will be a struggle to post daily content. Editorial and essay-driven content takes more time and more effort to churn out, so there will be days where the site doesn’t get updated at all, but I am committed to uploading a new podcast episode each and every week, and as long as we continue to provide excellent movie, convention, comic or book reviews; travel to conventions; post humorous videos or cool pieces of geeky artwork; and express our passion for superheroes, wizards, monsters, robots, zombies, adventurers and warriors, I think we can keep the Geek League Of America a vibrant and thriving place for everyone to come and celebrate the stuff we all love. I hope you stick with us through this transition. Thank you all!

-Jeff Carter

Head writer, editor-in-chief, and founder of the GLA.


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