These BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Cupcakes Are Full Of Wind, Fire, All That Kind Of Thing


John Carpenter’s 1986 cult masterpiece Big Trouble In Little China is the second greatest movie ever filmed. It’s weird and wild and funny and will always hold a special place in  my heart thanks to its wonderful mix of Chinese black magic, insane martial arts battles, endlessly quotable dialogue (“Like I told my last wife, I says, Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes”), and charismatic characters like Kim Catrall’s Gracie Law, Victor Wong’s Egg-Shen, James Hong’s Lo-Pan, and of course, the amazing Kurt Russell in his greatest role – the braggadocio-spouting truck driver who thinks he’s the hero of the story (but is actually the sidekick), Jack Burton.

Massachusetts-based artist Marc Lapierre, who illustrates and colors the SuperFogeys webcomic (which you definitely should be reading) and his wife Stephanie of Auntie’s Custom Cakes are responsible for the concept, design, sculpting, and baking of these beautiful Big Trouble-inspired baked goods, which I was more than fortunate to receive as a gift for my recent 40th birthday. The cupcakes were all ingeniously packed in rice and placed inside Chinese food containers carrying the label of The Dragon Of The Black Pool, which astute Big Trouble fans will recognize as the Cantonese restaurant owned by the real “hero” of the story, Wang Chi.

Each cupcake featured a sculpted, equisitely-detailed favor on top (some even bursting out of the “lo mein”), like Lo-Pan’s bloated henchmen Thunder, Jack’s iconic Asian tank top and weapons, Gracie’s wedding headdress, the hats of the Three Storms, Egg’s Six Demon Bag, Lo-Pan’s hideous pet monster, The Pork Chop Express logo, and more. Marc and Stephanie also made a gorgeous cake with Lo-Pan’s ornate Chinese hat sitting proudly on top. These amazing confections certainly shook the pillars of heaven and would instantly appease Ching-Dai, the God of the East. Amazing work? INDEED!

Check ’em out below:

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