Check Out This Awesome Khaleesi With Drogon Cosplay


The super cool and super funny Amanda Dawn is looking to conquer the cosplay kingdom with blood and fire! Okay, well it’s more like foam and fabric, but that doesn’t make her Khaleesi cosplay any less impressive. Amanda makes a fantastic Daenerys Targaryen, but the crown jewel in the Mother of Dragons’ crown is her not-so-little baby fire-breather, Drogon. Amanda estimates she spent nearly 200 hours creating the approximately 5-foot-long black dragon, which rides on her shoulder and menaces attendees at conventions across the country. If you want to see Amanda and her “child” in all their Game of Thrones glory, she’ll be roaming the convention floor in her Daenerys Targaryen cosplay  at C2E2 this weekend during the first half of Saturday.

Amanda also goes by the handle Jedimanda and stars in this series of Weird Girl YouTube videos, check ’em out!

Here’s a couple more shots from photographer Kacey Stone:



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