Asian GODZILLA Trailer Promises A Monster-On-Monster Melee For The Ages


Here’s another impossibly awesome trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, this time an Asian exclusive. What’s interesting about this particular footage is that it appears to alter the narrative from the previous trailer. Instead of Godzilla awakening and nearly causing a Nuclear meltdown at a power plant which claims the life of Bryan Cranston’s wife, this trailer makes it seem like a new monster is the cause of everyone’s misery and the government must awaken Godzilla (who they have captured, comatose and 75% buried in the ground) in order to combat this new menace.

The creature The Big G battles in this reboot can fly and looks like a cross between Rodan and the Cloverfield monster, which is pretty damned cool in my book. This movie continues to look and feel IMMENSE and terrifying; Edwards has a gift for capturing scale like none other (watch Monsters to get an idea).The intensity factor here is cranked to eleven and if the film delivers a fraction of the chills and annihilation it promises, it could be a contender for the summer box office crown. “Let them fight.” Indeed.


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