Take A Look At The GOTHAM Teaser Trailer


Here’s the teaser trailer for FOX’s new DC Comics series Gotham, which looks slick and expensive and will probably be canceled almost immediately because of it. The teaser wisely begins with the murder of the Wayne family in Crime Alley, and the clip goes out of its way to make sure the audience knows the little kid is Bruce Wayne and the Southland guy is Jim Gordon so absolutely no one is confused that this is a show about Gotham City before anything remotely interesting happens in it. We also get to see villains like The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman when they are either just kids or kooky teenagers. It’s all kind of too on the nose and fan service-y; so much so that I’m kind of shocked there wasn’t a little baby in a green diaper and red top staring up at a mobile with robins and trapeze artists dangling from it.


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