Try Not To Cry While Looking At This Collection Of SAD BATMAN Memes


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about geek culture, it’s this: ANYTHING can be mocked and/or lampooned and immediately turned into a meme that sweeps across the Internet, regardless of how cool it initially seems. Case in point, the first photograph of Ben Affleck in his Batman costume from Batman vs. Superman. The immediate reactions from fans were generally positive, with many noting the similarities to the costume made famous by Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns. Pretty soon, however, a few snarky individuals latched onto the perception that Affleck’s posture and facial expression seemed a bit pouty and forlorn – and thus, the Sad Batman meme was born. The meme took off and is currently swallowing the Internet whole. Here’s a collection of the best, but I’m sure you can find many more via the #SadBatman hashtag on various social media platforms.


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    I don’t get the T-shirt one (between Up and the birthday party).

    • @pocketfrog:disqus Recently, McCauley Culkin and Ryan Gosling have been taking photos of themselves wearing t-shirts with each other’s pictures on them. It became a viral thing.

      • pocketfrog

        Thank you, I had no idea.