JUPITER ASCENDING Gets A New International Trailer


On our blockbuster season preview episode of The LeagueCast podcast, we predicted the Wachowski siblings’ insane new space opera flick Jupiter Ascending would be one of the biggest financial bombs of the summer; not because we think the film will be terrible, but because we feel it’s going to get lost in the shuffle, and that Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is the crazy space fantasy on the general public’s radar. The trailers have also been been confusing, and the sleepy acting style employed by stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis probably isn’t doing the film any favors, either. I can easily see average moviegoers dismissing this as just another forgettable, CGI-laden sci-fi offering.

Despite the harsh reality of certain box office doom for yet another Wachowski production, I think it will play well among the hardcore geek audience. I know I’m going to be there opening night to see C-Tates as a musclebound, mercenary space elf shooting stuff up, and find out how Sean Bean gets killed this time; because, you know, that’s what he does in movies.


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