First Trailer For Disney’s Animated Marvel Movie BIG HERO 6 Arrives


When Disney purchased Marvel Comics a few years back, it seemed like an inevitability that we would get an animated film from either Pixar or Disney’s in-house CG Animation studio – I just didn’t expect it to be something as obscure as Big Hero Six.In the comics, Big Hero 6 was the name of a super-team headed by the mutant Sunfire, featuring odd-ball characters like Gogo Tomago, Silver Samurai, Honey Lemon (huh?), Hiro, and an alien-looking dude named Baymax. Since Sunfire and Silver Samurai are property of 20th Century Fox, the film looks like it focuses on Hiro and Batmax; but instead of an alien monster, Baymax is a balloon-like android with cool red super armor. It looks pretty neat and humorous, and with the team behind Wreck It Ralph at the helm, it should be another winner for Disney. Now, if we could just get a CG-Animated M.O.D.O.K. movie, we’d be in business! That cute lil’ guy could out-gross Frozen!



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