Announcing LEAGUE LINKS – June 23, 2014


Let’s face it — if you’re like me, you’re either too lazy to scour the various geek culture websites or the Hollywood trades for your daily scoops on casting/directing announcements, release dates, set photos, character/plot rumors, and random news bits, or you simply don’t have time in your busy schedule to hunt around for this junk.

That’s why I’m launching LEAGUE LINKS today; it’s a collection of links to all of that fun stuff mentioned above, covered by massive multimedia conglomerates with more far time and manpower to report on this stuff than I have. It’s a one-stop resource for nerd news so you don’t have to go hunting around for it all day! I’ll organize them in four distinct categories: Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC/WB Cinematic Universe, and “Everything Else.” LEAGUE LINKS will be posted every weekday, and will generally contain links to the huge news stories that occur the day before.

Now, you don’t have to get down on your knees and thank me for this, your respect and admiration is more than enough reward. Cash would also be nice.

And here. we. GO.

Star Wars

Disney/Lucasfilm shocked the world last weekend by announcing JJ Abrams would NOT be writing or directing Episodes 8 and 9. Instead, they threw us all for a LOOP by giving the gig to this guy. (The Wrap)

Turns out Harrison Ford actually broke his leg on the Episode 7 set; he had succesful surgery and will be out at least eight weeks. (The Hollywood Reporter)


Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Daredevil Netflix series adds a well-known actress who will probably play Elektra, or Echo, or Typhoid Mary, or…someone…(SuperheroHype)

Here’s a link to a Guardians of the Galaxy story which features some cool EMPIRE magazine covers, as well as confirmation of a cameo by a certain actor who once wore tight pants in space! (SuperheroHype)

The Big baddie of Ant-Man will probably be someone wearing this costumed identity of Hank Pym. (Badass Digest)

Marvel Head Honcho Kevin Feige talks up Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and future Guardians of the Galaxy sequels.


DC/WB Cinematic Universe

A magical, bespectacled young actor wants to play Robin in a future Batman film. (Variety)

And that Batman solo movie is not likely to happen until 2019. (MTV)

Check out some photos of Lexcorp stuff from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. (Cinema Blend)

What’s Wonder Woman’s costume going to be like? What weapons will she carry? Will anyone ever shut up about Gal Dadot’s body? Find out here. (Batman News)


Everything Else

Here’s a (somewhat) positive early review of Transformers: Age of Extiction.(Hitfix)


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