LEAGUE LINKS – July 15, 2014


We assemble all the major nerd news headlines, every M-F, so you don’t have to hunt around the Interwebs!

Star Wars

The Star Wars Force For Change campaign has been extended an additional week, giving fans until July 25 to donate to the cause and enter for a chance to appear in Episode VII. (TheForce.Net)



Devin Faraci has a list of ten things that were changed from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 script. We almost had J. Jonah Jameson and an ending that was even worse than what was in the finished film! (Badass Digest)


DC Entertainment

The Comic-Con banner for Gotham is our header image today, and you can check out more info about the show’s presentation at Comic-Con right here. (SuperheroHype)


All The Rest

Uh-oh, looks like Daryl is in trouble in this new still from Walking Dead season five. There could be some rioting going on after this season…


Beloved teen icon Archie’s death will involve gay rights and gun control. The right should love that. (Rolling Stone)

Here’s some concept art and some more stills from the Max Steel live-action film. (SuperheroHype)

Here’s a shocker – Heroes creator Tim Kring says Heroes Reborn is “an ever-changing thing in my brain as to what it’s going to be.” (Mashable)

Check out a brochure for Jurassic World. (Comingsoon)


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