Announcing: FANTASTIC FEST 2014 Coverage


This is it. It’s here. September 18th. The opening night of the 10th annual Fantastic Fest down in sunny (and warm….so warm) Austin, Texas. And, for the third year in a row, your intrepid reporter is down here covering the Fest and all it’s shenanigans for Geek League of America.

Among the highlights is an opening night screening of Tusk, with Kevin Smith in attendance, followed by the world premiere of the outrageous splatter anthology sequel The ABC’s of Death 2; Keanu Reeves debuting his new action film John Wick, which opens Oct 24; and the closing night US premiere of the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Nightcrawler (out Oct 31), coming off an acclaimed run at the Toronto Film Festival. Plus screenings of films like Daniel Radcliffe’s devilish fantasy Horns, the batshit insane looking Dead Snow 2 and Sundance/Cannes indie horror winners The Babadook and It Follows and much, much more.

So stay tuned as the League brings you daily updates from the most Fantastic Fest of them all.


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