An Obituary For WOLVERINE


Howlett, James “Logan” —  1880?-2014

The Jean Grey School and the Avengers jointly express their grief in announcing the passing of the Wolverine.

Born to John and Elizabeth Howlett in Canada, young James grew under their love and care alongside family “friend” Thomas Logan and his son Dog. After a family tragedy, James lived in many wild abodes alongside animals and native tribes. Mr. Howlett also valiantly served in the US Army during both World Wars and the conflict in Vietnam. He continued his service under the Weapon X program, a now declassified black-ops initiative. Upon returning to Canada, Mr. Howlett continued to defend freedom as a member of Alpha Flight.

Not long afterwards, Logan was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier to serve international mutant freedom as a member of the X-Men. Not only did his work with the mutant hero team save countless lives, Wolverine strove to improve mutant/human relations in accordance with Professor Xavier’s dream of peace and equality.

Mr. Logan also fought for justice in Japan and Madripoor, defending the  weak and downtrodden.

Wolverine also worked with Captain America and Iron Man as part of the Avengers Initiative. His efforts there were somewhat diminished as a result of certain facts about an alleged “X-Force” initiative, culminating in allegations of murder and assassination plots. Mr. Howlett’s involvement in any of these actions remains undetermined at this time.

After the collapse of Utopia, James founded the Jean Grey School, where he served as an administrator and teacher.

James Logan Howlett is predeceased by his loving parents, and his son Daken. He is survived by his brother Dog Logan and his son Raze Darkholme, and his clone X-23. He also fostered X-Men Kitty ‘Shadowcat’ Pryde and Jubilation Lee.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to either the Jean Grey School or the Avengers Disaster Relief Restoration Fund.


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