Superheroes, superheroes, and more superheroes!!!

Hey kids, do you like Superhero movies? Well, it’s a good thing you do, because we’re getting over 32 of them spread out over the next six years! Listen to Jeff, Shawn, Adam, and a returning Aaron discuss (and get pretty heated about) the recent developments and revelations in the superhero movie universe, including Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man signing up to take on Captain America in a stripped-down version of Marvel’s Civil War storyline; the prospects for iffy spinoff flicks like Sinister Six and The Suicide Squad; the wild rumors swirling around Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the Justice League films; and lots more. The League also addresses “big picture” questions like, “Are there TOO many superhero movies,” and “What films could lead to audiences growing weary of the genre, bursting the comic book bubble?”

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Jeff Carter

Jeff is the defining voice of his generation. Sadly, that generation exists only in an alternate dimension where George Lucas became supreme overlord of the Earth in 1979 and replaced every television broadcast and theatrical film on the planet with Star Wars and Godzilla movies. In this dimension, he’s just a guy from New England who likes writing snarky things about superheroes, monsters, and robots.