New Promo Art Gives Us Our First Good Look At The Vision In Avengers: Age Of Ultron


Joss Whedon and the Marvel Studios brain trust have kept their new Avenger, The Vision under tight wraps (he didn’t even appear in the initial trailer released last month), but now some new promotional artwork via Superhero Feed on Twitter has given us a tantalizing glimpse at what Paul Bettany’s android superhero is going to look like when he hits the screen in Age Of Ultron:

Looks fantastic to me – a near perfect page-to-screen translation of the famous android Avenger.Bettany has spent all of  his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stuck inside a recording booth providing the snarky, yet sophisticated (and very, very British) voice for Tony Stark’s A.I., so I can’t wait to see him finally make his way into the films in the flesh, or in this case, in a vibranium shell!


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