Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For DC & Marvel Fans


The cinematic superhero spectacles from Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment are now the driving force in box office numbers and the dominant pop culture phenomenon on the planet, so if you have geeks in your family or circle of friends, it’s a safe bet a few of them are completely in love with these iconic characters and would probably appreciate a Marvel or DC gift or two under the tree this year. But what to get? With literally thousands of licensed products out there emblazoned with the Bat symbol  or Rocket Raccoon’s furry snout, how do you separate the cheesy from the awesome, or find that one perfect item that will send your superhero-worshipping loved one soaring into the stratosphere in delight?  Well, fret not, true believers! I’ve assembled an awesome Marvel/DC gift guide covering all price ranges and all types of merchandise, from apparel and toys, to Blu-rays and coffee mugs. If none of these ten items grabs you, try surfing through Superhero Stuff, Amazon, or Think Geek for more great DC or Marvel gift ideas!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Blu-Ray Tesseract Briefcase Box Set ($119)



Chances are the Marvel fan on your shopping list already owns many, if not all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on Blu-ray or DVD, but I doubt any of them would complain about getting all of the Phase One action (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers) in this supremely badass limited edition attaché case, complete with glowing tesseract! This bad boy normally goes for around 250 bucks, but you can get it right now on Amazon for less than half price. If someone is looking to start a Marvel collection, there is no more perfect gift than this glorious thing of beauty.

Man Of Steel Studded Watch ($24.99)



What time is it? Is it time to brutally snap a bad guy’s neck? Is it time to destroy an expensive military drone? Is it time to kiss your reporter girlfriend in a pile of ash, rubble, and dead citizens you failed to stop and save while carelessly toppling skyscrapers? Whatever the task may be, this beautiful watch emblazoned with the Man Of Steel Superman symbol and a gun-metal finish will get your there faster than a speeding bullet!

Exclusive Think Geek Marvel Hoodies ($79.99)



These officially licensed sweatshirts made their debut at San Diego Comic-Con and fetched well over $100 apiece. Now you can get them for far less at Think Geek, and these things are incredible. Each zip-up hoodie has an awesome “gimmick” — The Captain America hoodie features the famous “A” on the front of the hood and shield straps, The Rocket Raccoon hoodie has fuzzy raccoon ears attached to the hood, the Star-Lord hoodie features straps and design elements identical to Chris Pratt’s movie costume, and as you can see above, the Winter Soldier hoodie has a “cybernetic” arm and a badass face mask!

DC Superhero Cape Socks ($9.98)



If cushy, comfy socks are one of mankind’s greatest achievements, then cushy, comfy superhero socks with CAPES attached must be the result of divine intervention. In addition to Wonder Woman above, you can also get snazzy caped Superman, Batman, and Robin socks. (DISCLAIMER: Socks will not actually give you the power of flight.)

Iron Man Molded Mug ($14.99)



Ol’ shellhead’s armor serves a dual purpose here as an intimidating weapon against evil, and as a mobile repository for delicious, life-sustaining coffee, and/or alcoholic beverages, if you’re looking to reenact Tony Stark’s descent into alcoholism as seen in the famous “Demon In A Bottle” story arc. (Also available are Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, Carnage, and Venom.)

Man Of Steel 31″ Giant Action Figure ($44.35)



Great Caesar’s Ghost!! A Superman action figure almost three feet tall? That’s incredible! This massive Superman toy, based on Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the Man of Steel, will tower over your figures, and they’ll worship him like some all-powerful plastic deity. In all seriousness, these over-sized figures are awesome. I own the Darth Vader one myself, and I still get spooked when I come into the room and see him lurking in the corner waiting to force-choke me when I get home from work. Don’t worry, though; this Superman figure  isn’t big enough to snap your neck. Probably.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 1-Disc Blu-Ray ($14.99)



Just in time for the holidays, comes the year’s highest-grossing blockbuster! It’s almost as if they planned to release this blu-ray in early December to maximize profits! Hmmmm. At any rate, I’m sure this home video release—complete with deleted scenes, commentary by the cast and director James Gunn, and special sneak peak at Avengers: Age Of Ultron—is on plenty of Holiday lists this season, and it’s available on Amazon for a special low price of $14.99 if you pre-order before Tuesday, December 9th. (2-disc 3D +Blu-ray version is $19.99)

Funko POP DC Keychains ($6.99)



Those gosh darn Funko POP vinyl figures are the hottest geek culture collectibles going these days, and I didn’t think there was any way to make these things any more adorable. Well, Funko found a way — shrink ’em down and make ’em into keychains!

Captain America Bathrobe ($64.99)



True story — when the Sentinel of Liberty isn’t out saving the world from HYDRA or The Red Skull, he lounges around Avengers’ mansion in this lush Terry bathrobe eating Cap’n Crunch watching Pawn Stars. Now you can get your very own and be just like him, minus the super soldier serum-enhanced body, highly advanced combat skills, and impossibly chiseled good looks, of course.

Batgirl Women’s V-Neck Caped Costume Shirt ($22.99)



Fight crime on the streets, dance the night away in a nightclub, or grab a latte at Starbucks in this stylish and versatile Batgirl t-shirt, complete with badass cape! Sadly, the utility belt is just printed on, so you’ll have to find another way to store your batarangs or smoke bombs.


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