LEAGUECAST – Episode #55: 2014 Recap & Awards



It’s a spectacular farewell to 2014 as Jeff, Shawn, Aaron, and Adam recap the geek culture events of the year, and dole out awards for the best and worst TV shows, movies, and news stories! Everything from The Force Awakens trailer to Game Of Thrones to the Sony Hack and more are discussed, and only the best and most earth-shattering nerd happenings in 2014 will walk away with a coveted “Leaguie” award! Here are the categories:

  • Most Shocking Geek Moment Of The Year
  • Biggest News Story/Event Of The Year
  • Most Disappointing Film/Event Of The Year
  • Best TV Show Of The Year
  • Best Movie Of The Year

So join the League as they say goodbye to a tremendous year in geekdom, and look forward to the absolute treasure trove of nerd riches awaiting us all in 2015! Happy New Year!

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