LEAGUECAST – Episode #61: Sony/Marvel SPIDER-MAN Deal And JUPITER ASCENDING Discussion



Spider-Man is coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Join the League as they rejoice in and discuss this monumental geek culture announcement from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. Adam and Shawn may be on vacation, but Jeff and Aaron welcome special guest hosts Bob Savage and Jared Skolnick as they talk about the agreement and address burning questions like: How is the deal structured financially? Who will play the new Spider-Man? What will Spidey’s role in Captain America: Civil War be? Will the new solo Spidey film be another origin story? What does this mean for the Spider-Man spinoffs?


After that, the crew reviews and analyzes the latest sci-fi film from the Wachowski Siblings, Jupiter Ascending. Is the film worth seeing for its visual splendor and imaginative world building, or do the flat characters and convoluted narrative drag it down? And what about the Wachowskis themselves? The League ponders why they aren’t connecting with mainstream audiences and what the future holds for the sibling directors. All this, plus recommendations and a conversation about movies that are visually dynamic but lacking in narrative and character development.

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