This week on the LeagueCast, Jeff, Shawn, Adam, and Aaron pay homage to the legendary sci-fi icon Leonard Nimoy. The League share their memories of the legendary actor, director, and artist – discussing where they first saw Spock, and their favorite lines/moments from the highly inspirational Vulcan science officer. Then, it’s off to a brief edition of THE FLASH ROUND, where each host brings a random topic to the table.

This week’s Flash Round topics:

  • Adam brings up the reaction to the news that the Marvel Studios’ reboot of the Spider-Man films might star a non-white actor as Peter Parker, or a half black/half Latino actor as the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man.
  • Aaron asks which comic book supervillain would be the best candidate for a solo movie.
  • Shawn asks about the current problems bringing down the Arrow TV series, and what can be done to “right the ship.”
  • Jeff wraps things up by discussing Neill Blomkamp directing Alien 5, and the minor controversy surrounding the concept that the film may disregard Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection

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