LEAGUECAST – Episode #66: STAR WARS News & Best BAR SCENES From Geek Movies



On this week’s LeagueCast podcast, Jeff, Shawn, Aaron, and Adam discuss all of the big news and rumors in the Star Wars universe. First up, the guys speculate on what the first Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One will actually be about, then share their thoughts on Episode VIII getting a more traditional May release date and the possibility of JJ Abrams returning to wrap up the trilogy with Episode IX in 2019. (Watch out for some crazy tangents involving Battle Beyond The Stars and Avatar.) Then Jeff goes a little crazy on Expanded Universe fans during a conversation about Star Wars.Com’s press release announcing Aftermath – the first post-Return Of The Jedi canonical novel. (Warning: some big Rebels spoilers occur here.) The show wraps up with a lively and fun discussion of the best geek culture movie scenes set in or around bars, in which Jeff refers to the bar in Attack Of The Clones as Corsucant’s version of a Buffalo Wild Wings!

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