Why So Much Hate? A Reaction to the BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer


During the week of April 17th, geeks across the world were exposed to an onslaught of geek culture goodness – an onslaught we’ve been waiting for and were more than happy to consume in mass quantities.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron machine continued its unstoppable momentum by releasing even more footage from the film (is there a cut of all the released footage woven together that pretty much represents the whole movie yet?  Someone better get cracking!), the goose bump inducing second trailer to the next Star Wars movie was released to the masses, and the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was first leaked online and then officially released to the ravenous nerd hordes as well.  It is well established throughout geekdom that the MCU can basically do no wrong these days, and most signs point to JJ Abrams bringing Star Wars back home to the fans right in the feels.  But DC’s latest offering? Nothing has been as controversial in the geek-o-sphere since Man of Steel.

Wait a minute – where am I going with this?  The two-minute trailer was leaked online, then released in full HD glory… damage control, or part of the plan? Either way, I couldn’t wait to see it.  Why, you ask?  Aside from Batman being my favorite comic book hero of all time, I’ll give you a top 5 list (in no particular order) about why I’m looking forward to the Batman V Superman movie, in spite of the often compelling but mostly too quick to judge reactions that seem to be so prevalent in cyberspace.

1.) This is just the beginning!


I don’t know about you, but I crave new entertainment to consume – new music from my favorite artists, new issues of comic books, new movies, etc. We are right at the beginning of establishing this version of the DC movie universe, and the tidbits of information that have been shared or leaked so far are likely intended to get people talking and to give a glimpse of what is to come.  Now that I’ve stated the obvious, it really becomes about what could be.  We’ve all experienced teasers that missed the mark for movies that were great, and we’ve seen the opposite as well.  Time will tell where this one will land, but I personally haven’t seen anything that’s a showstopper. Yet, I’m truly intrigued.  There are so many directions the “DCU” can go in – yes it’s set in a grittier reality than the MCU and previous iterations of DC icons on film, but it’s also given me a bit of a wow factor about seeing what it would be like to have Superman flying around on earth in 2015.  Snyder and company have done their job for me; I want to see where this goes.

2.) The Batmobile!


Okay, this one is close to my heart.  The nostalgia and childhood glee of seeing an on screen Batmobile? Let’s just say nothing makes me feel like a kid again quite like it.  The Hot Wheels Batmobile from the 1960’s Adam West show was one of my favorite childhood toys, and these days I collect just about any toy incarnation that strikes my fancy, especially Lego versions.  Movie versions just seem to bring another level of coolness.  Burton’s version is a long time favorite for me, but the Tumbler has its own element of awesome.  I want to see more of what Ben Affleck will be driving around on screen – I’m liking how so far it seems to streamline the tumbler into a more nimble vehicle, with elements of what is seen in the upcoming Arkham Knight video game.  If only Snyder would give a nod to movies past and show the Bat Garage with previous incarnations of the Batmobile…

3.) The Seeds Of  The Justice League


So, the big one is coming – The Justice League movie. We already have Bats, Supes, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and The Flash confirmed to appear in some capacity in Dawn Of Justice, so the only primary member we’re missing confirmation on is Green Lantern.  DC are going to get to their big team up faster than Marvel did with The Avengers, but movie wise, this is unproven ground for them.  I’d personally like more build up to it than one movie, but I think that also opens the door for some potential.  There is a lot of foundational material out there – the Timm animated universe, the numerous comic incarnations, Super Friends, Smallville, etc. This new DC Cinematic world seems to be unlike any previous incarnation, with obvious homages to many.  Being a year out, I’m psyched to know that we will see the seeds for this group coming together, almost as much as I am for knowing who the ultimate big bad is.  (Darkseid?  Brainiac?)



I want to say ‘nuff said.  But as really cool as it will be to see them go toe to toe on screen, I really want to see how Batman avoids being incinerated immediately.  Since this is a heavy dose of reality-based universe, this is a huge question for me.  Kryptonite has not been introduced yet.  Little is known about Superman – will we see a movie Batman that is the greatest detective in the world?  Prepared for anything?  So. Many. Possibilities.  I can’t wait to find out and see it unfurl.  The Dark Knight Returns fight between the two was brought to life in animated form and was a spectacle to watch – I can’t blame Snyder and Nolan for looking to this for inspiration.  I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

5.) It’s Not What’s Been Done Before.


I mentioned above that I crave new pop culture, and I think it’s safe to say that the collective geekdom does.  I personally have seen four versions of Batman, two versions of Spider-man, and 1.1 versions of Superman on the big screen.  I want to see more.  Some have been done right, and some haven’t.  There is a big devotion to the iterations that have been deemed ‘done right’ in the past, but even those grew tired.  For example – Christopher Reeve’s Superman in the third and fourth movies – aside from drunk Superman in #3, I think they missed the mark.  BUT – I still went to the movies, and enjoyed my popcorn as I watched Superman do his thing.  Alternatively, I loved Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man – he and Raimi made a great team.  And I freely admit I liked the third in the trilogy better than both Amazing Spider-man movies.  I thought the second in that series was better than the first, but ultimately I was bored (the villains killed it for me).  What I’m getting at, is that I look forward to seeing every take on these awesome characters, fully aware that there are things they are going to get right and things they will ultimately miss, and that helps me to be excited for what’s to come.

OK, one more:

6.) We Finally Get To See Wonder Woman On The Big Screen (albeit not in this trailer).  It’s about time!

Wonder-Woman-In-Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Wallpaper-800x500 (1)

So my fellow geeks – I think it goes without saying that what DC is doing is different, controversial in a sense, and clearly not what Marvel has done with great success.  But it makes me wonder if they followed the Marvel blueprint to the letter, would we be just as critical, if not more so, that they are just ripping off what they did with their own characters?  I’m in the camp of giving Snyder and DC props for taking things in their own direction.  There will always be things I want to see Marvel and DC (and Star Wars, and don’t get me started on Transformers) do with their movie universes, but instead I’m going to be amazed at the times we live in – my childhood dreams are coming true seeing these icons of my childhood in their HD glory at the local movie theater.  Now pass me some popcorn.


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