It’s a week of sad topics on the 77th episode of the LeagueCast (dubbed “Melancholy & The Infinite Sadness” by Adam.) After briefly getting sidetracked arguing over what the best Jean-Claude Van Damme movie is, Jeff Adam, and Shawn move on to discuss the impending remake of John Carpenter’s 1980’s cult classic Big Trouble In Little China, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Jack Burton. Then the guys share their lamentations over Disney’s cancellation of Tron 3, and move on to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly picking up the Atlantean sword one final time in The Legend Of Conan. The show wraps up with some breaking news regarding the Boba Fett-centric Star Wars Anthology film and all the rumors surrounding the potential Spider-Man actors and directors over at Marvel Studios. All this plus Hulk vs. Red Hulk in Captain America: Civil War, some commentary on the changes to Superman in the latest Actions Comics storyline, and League recommendations!

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