LEAGUECAST #87 – Fox’s Fantastic Fiasco


20th Century Fox;s reboot of The Fantastic Four is one of the biggest bombs in superhero cinema history, and the League is sifting through the rubble to find answers on this week’s LeagueCast podcast.

Did nerd outrage destroy the movie before it had a chance? Was Josh Trank an abusive, erratic personality on set? Did his dogs really cause $100,000 in property damage to a rental home? Did the Fox execs slash the budget, eliminate actions scenes, fight with Trank about casting, force reshoots on him, and kick him out of the editing room? Was this dark and gritty approach wrong for the property? How do you fix the franchise? Will Fox push through a sequel or will they cut a deal with Marvel Studios ala Sony? All these questions are addressed and analyzed by Jeff, Shawn, Adam, and special guest Marc Lapierre! All that, plus Spider-Man/Civil War tidbits, new footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the usual plugs and geek recommendations!

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