The 95th edition of the LeagueCast is here with a shorter “go home” episode as Jeff, Marc, Adam, and Shawn prepare to hit the road for the New York Comic-Con! Don’t worry, though, because the gang plans on making up for this truncated show with a extra-sized NYCC episode next week, as well as some bonus interview audio content as well! This week, Jeff, Adam, and Shawn recap and discuss the season two premiere of The Flash. Did the season premiere answer the questions left hanging in the season one finale? Was Barry Allen’s father finally released from prison? Did Barry and Iris get together with Eddie out of the way? Did Cisco come up with more crazy villain names? Did we get to see Jay Garrick, the golden age Flash? Did more people just come wandering into S.T.A.R. Labs control room with no problem whatsoever? These questions and more are addressed, plus a short segment on the finale of Fear The Walking Dead season one finale!

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