ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Recap – S01 Ep.03 – “Books From Beyond”


This episode finally gives Lucy Lawless’s character Ruby something to do. She drives to Kelly’s parent’s house and sees the two graves that Ash dug in the previous episode. Kelly’s dad pops out of his shallow grave as a Deadite, and Ruby impales him on the makeshift cross that Ash put up. She then interrogates him for Ash’s whereabouts. When he refuses to answer, Ruby pulls out a dagger and starts to cut the Deadite on his face. We see the Deadite tremble in fear at the sight of the dagger, and his face burns with each cut. This dagger appears to be new to the mythology and this episode as a whole further expands what Ash vs. Evil Dead is all about.

Meanwhile, Ash pulls into the Books From Beyond bookstore to figure out if there is a way to dispel the evil spirits. Agent Fisher is already there and believes Ash is a threat, so she attempts to arrest him. Pablo knocks her out from behind with what appears to be a human bone. They handcuff her downstairs in the bookstore with Kelly keeping guard while Ash and Pablo discuss the Necronomicon with Lionel, the bookstore owner. Lionel tells Ash the book states that the answer to reverse the spell “lies within” – Ash doesn’t understand what this means, so he goes another route to come up with answers.

In true Ash fashion, Ash decides to conjure a “minor” demon in order to ask the demon how to undo the damage he has already wrought when he spoke from the book while high in the first episode. As long as a containment circle is not broken, the demon cannot break free. What could go wrong?


The demon Eligos looks like something out of the Silent Hill video game crossed with a Cenobite from Hellraiser, and has the power to affect the minds of the weak. It tells Ash the only advice it can offer is for Ash to die quickly. Realizing how stupid his idea was, Ash tells Lionel to send Eligos back. Unfortunately, Kelly released Agent Fisher, who interrupts and shoots at Ash and Eligos. This causes Ash to accidentally break the seal that was containing Eligos, who then attacks. Eligos appears to pop a few of Ash and Pablo’s brain cells and kills Lionel with shards of glass from a broken window before Kelly slams the book onto it and manages to send Eligos back to where it came.

Agent Fisher then tries to arrest Ash again, but she puts her handcuffs on Ash’s wooden hand. He takes it off and handcuffs her inside the store. He and his team of “Ghostbeaters” (as coined by Pablo) then take off to see Pablo’s shaman uncle to see if they can find the answers within Ash.

My only complaints with the episode are that I still am irritated by the overuse of CGI and the fact that each episode really seems focused on one set piece action sequence and then the episode ends. I really hope that next season allows for longer episodes so that more can happen within an episode.

Still, this was definitely a good episode that had several funny moments. It feels different for the series to have Ash conjure up a demon, which is not your standard-issue Deadite. This opens the door for new types of evil to explore. One of my favorite things about the non-canon Army of Darkness comic books was that it explained that all evil is contained within the Necronomicon. As such, Ash came into battle against vampires, werewolves, you name it. While I doubt this is where the series is going, it certainly allows for the possibility to explore such avenues in later seasons.


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