ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Recap – S01 Ep.04 – “Brujo”


“Brujo” further expands the Evil Dead mythology in ways that the previous episodes do not. Agent Fisher is saved from the Deadite owner of Books From Beyond by Ruby, who cuts off his head and stomps on it. It really does appear that the way to kill Deadites in this series is to blow up their heads. This is a far cry from the first two filmed entries in which the only way to completely kill a Deadite was to dismember its corpse. I know this is nitpicking, but I really hope the series addresses the different rules that have now been established.

We officially learn that Ruby is the daughter of the Knowby’s, and that Ruby believes Ash killed her parents and sister. This makes me wonder if she ever bothered to listen to her father’s tapes, which explicitly state that he had to kill his wife Henrietta and bury her in the cellar.  Ruby even reveals that she has Ash’s severed hand, which has recently begun to move. She hopes that it will take her to Ash. My guess is that the hand will manage to escape and that it will cause Ash further misery.

The evil POV chases after Ash and his Ghost Beaters as they travel to Pablo’s uncle Brujo’s house. We finally get to see that the evil POV presence looks a lot like a huge dust-cloud. This is a bit disappointing, and I would have preferred to not have seen a physical manifestation. The group manages to make it to Brujo’s sanctuary. Brujo gives Ash some hallucinogenic herbs so that he can look inside of himself to find the answers needed to cast away the evil summoned from the Necronomicon.


Meanwhile, Pablo tries to build a new hand for Ash out of spare video game equipment while Kelly feels sick. She isolates herself and we see that she is controlled by Eligos. This was a pleasant surprise, as I felt it to be a bit weak that Kelly was able to destroy Eligos in the previous episode by slapping it with the Necronomicon. It makes much more sense that he possessed Kelly instead.

Ash finds himself in his own mind as he learns that he must go back to the cabin to bury the Necronomicon “deep below where [his]journey began”.  During his wild hallucinatory trip, he gets advice from his pet iguana Eli, he gets to have both hands, and we learn that his ideal center is Jacksonville, Florida, despite never having been there.  Possessed Kelly then attacks Ash, which allows Eligos to invade Ash’s trip. Ash then takes the fight to Eligos, which means that he is actually choking Kelly in the real world. Pablo and Brujo knock out Ash in order to save Kelly, and the episode ends with Ash still stuck in his own mind.

I thought the episode did a good job of setting up things to come while expanding its story. I also appreciate the fact that this episode breaks the past two episode’s routine of following Ash to one location where the action happens, then Ash and his group move on to the next location for the next episode.  This change of pace helps the show feel less episodic in nature. I’m looking forward to the possibility of Ash returning to the cabin and his reunion with his severed hand.


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