ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Recap – S01 Ep.05 – “The Host”


“The Host” marks the first episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead that was truly bad. The episode stretched a five-minute plot out to thirty minutes, and provided very little for Ash to do.

The episode starts with Ash bound and gagged since he tried to strangle the Eligos-possessed Kelly while Ash was on his drug trip in the previous episode. Kelly gets Pablo and Brujo to believe that Eligos is possessing Ash, so Brujo tries to exorcise the spirit from Ash. Eligos/Kelly tries to filrt with Pablo in order to trick him into shooting his head off with a shotgun. Ash finally convinces Brujo he is not possessed and Pablo offers himself to Eligos so that Kelly will be free from possession. Ash shoots and kills Eligos as it attempts to possess Pablo, but not before Eligos kills Brujo. Pablo gives Ash a new mechanical arm, and then the group leaves Brujo’s land.

That’s the entire story, and the plot suffers by focusing on Pablo and Kelly for the majority of the running time. When Ash is finally untied, he spends the remaining time left standing around inert. The pacing just felt very padded, and this episode felt as though it should have been compressed into the previous episode.

I hope moving forward the series progresses with an actual plotline that gives the characters more to do and that the series maintains the pace and level of gore provided in the first three episodes.

On a slightly unrelated note- if you have Starz Play, it appears as though you can watch Ash vs. Evil Dead episodes starting at 11:00 PM central time starting on Fridays. So if you want to catch an episode prior to the official air time, it would be wise for you to stream the episode on Starz Play. I’ve managed to do this for the past 3 viewings.


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