PUT ME IN THE STORY Star Wars Books Make Great Christmas Gifts For Your Little Jedi


Remember when you were a kid and you got a brush or a cup with your name on it and you thought it was the coolest thing you ever got? Well, these days, kids have it so much better. One of the great things about technology and the advent of digital printing is the ease of customization. Now instead of little items with your name on it, thanks to companies like Put Me in The Story, you can get books with not only your child’s name in it, but also with personalized messages from you, and their picture incorporated into different aspects the book. Now, what does this have to do with what we normal talk about on this site? THEY HAVE STAR WARS BOOKS!

Put Me in the Story offers two Star Wars themed books, Star Wars Rebels: Battle Plans From Darth Vader, and Star Wars: The Force Inside.


The first Rebels-themed book allows your child to go undercover with the Empire to help Darth Vader develop a plan to catch the characters of the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. There are little boxes where you child can write their customized battle plans for each of the Rebels and how they would respond to various situations. Of course, the super protective nerd in me hates the idea of encouraging my child to write in a book because you know they’ll probably end up just writing all over every page in the book and wrecking it! There isn’t much of a story, but it allows your child to really become invested in the book because it becomes THEIR plans. It includes an Imperial passport and a luggage tag, both of which have to be cut out of the pages of the book.


The other book, The Force Inside is traditional kid-sized hardcover book (the Rebels one is hardcover, but has the smaller dimensions of a trade paperback). The book is reversible, one side allows your child to become a Jedi, the other side is the Sith. Each page asks your child questions about personal character and decisions they would make (i.e. “What’s the best way to resolve conflict?” and Vader asks if they would help him hunt down Jedi) and once you answer, you add up your points, and you find out how good a Jedi or how bad a Sith you will be. Each page is themed with a Star Wars character and there is a certificate that declares your child a Sith or Jedi in the book.


Both books retail at $39.99, but for the next few days (December 4-6), these books are 50% off, making it the perfect holiday gift for the little Jedi or Sith in your life. CLICK HERE to purchase!

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with complimentary copies of both of the above Star Wars books for review.


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