ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Recaps – S01 Eps. 6 & 7 “The Killer Of Killers” And “Fire In The Hole”


After a one week hiatus, I’m back to talk about episodes 6 and 7 of Ash vs. Evil Dead. While the events of “The Host” left me unsatisfied, “The Killer of Killers” and “Fire in the Hole” more than made up for the mid-season lull.

“The Killer of Killers”

The episode starts with Ruby and Amanda tracking Ash and his Ghost Beaters to Brujo’s home. Ruby is attacked by a burning Brujo Deadite, and thrown into the flames. Amanda sees Ash’s trailer and follows it on her own since she believes Ruby to be dead. While getting into Ruby’s car, Amanda notices that Ash’s hand has disappeared. The Evil Dead II fans watching will surely get excited by the prospects of an unholy reunion between Ash and his evil hand.

Ash and crew make it to a diner where they begin to strategize their next steps. They know they need to make it to the cabin, but they will need weapons. Ash meets an old friend by the name of Lem, who is a paranoid gun nut that is in a fringe militia group out in the woods. Ash plans to meet up with Lem for weapons just as soon as he figures out how to get his group’s meal for free.

Ash tells his waitress that he can’t pay for his meal in cash, but he can pay for it with a tryst in the restroom. The waitress seems uninterested, but the ever-optimistic Ash goes to the restroom expecting some fun. Amanda arrests Ash while he is in the process of rubbing candy over his body as cologne, and she attempts to remove him from the diner. Unfortunately for Amanda, the evil spirits have followed Ash to the diner and possess her boss and many of the patrons.

Ash, Pablo and Kelly leap into gory action and proceed to eviscerate the Deadites in many new ways heretofore unseen in Evil Dead lore. One kid is thrown into a ceiling fan, Amanda’s boss gets his intestines ripped out, and Kelly manages to let her anger out and kills a Deadite via deli slicer. After Amanda sees the effectiveness of the team, she finally believes that Ash is not the bad guy and joins his crew.

“Fire in the Hole”

Ruby rises from the ashes at Brujo’s house and takes off in search of Ash.

Ash and company make their way to Lem’s militia compound in the woods to pick up weapons and supplies, only to find dead corpses everywhere. It turns out Lem has turned into a Deadite, and he’s already attacked his fellow comrades. The rest of the militia confront Ash’s team.

Once they realize that Amanda is a cop and that they were the last people to see Lem, the militia determines that a government conspiracy is afoot and that Ash is responsible. They reason that all the carnage is the result of toxic chemicals released into the woods. The militia handcuffs Ash and Amanda together and toss them into a bunker while Kelly and Pablo escape.

In the bunker, Ash and Amanda flirt with each other while they attempt to take out Deadite Lem, who is also trapped with them. The duo manage to defeat Lem by using a shovel and pickaxe through Lem’s head while trying to prevent Lem from blowing the bunker up with propane. Meanwhile, Kelly and Pablo get cornered by Deadite militia members. What follows is another incredibly gory scene in which Pablo rams a Deadite into a tree with a truck while Kelly sprays the Deadite with bullets from a machine gun that overpowers her to the point that Kelly flails around from the kickback.

Ash, Amanda, Kelly and Pablo reunite to show the militia that they’re the good guys, and to end the Deadite destruction at the campsite. Ash tells his team how much he cares for them, then disappears without them to ensure that nobody else that he cares for dies.

We are then treated to Ash finding his way back to the cabin, while his severed hand ALSO makes it back to the cabin. Hopefully the remaining three episodes will remain at the Evil Dead series’ most famous location.

I watched the two episodes back to back, which helped with the show’s pacing. I always feel after every episode that there isn’t enough meat in the allotted thirty minutes, and one hour of Ash made for an enjoyable and preferred method of viewing. I really hope that next season allows for longer episodes.

These two episodes also brought back much of the practical gore that has been missing from the previous two episodes, and I didn’t notice any outright bag CGI.

I for one am definitely excited that we are back at the cabin.


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