LEAGUECAST #112 – What Is The Best Sci-Fi Film Of The Early 2000s?


Though the decade of 2000-2009 was dominated by exploding superhero franchises like Nolan’s Batman movies, the Raimi Spider-Man films, and the burgeoning Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as fantasy epics like the Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter sagas, science-fiction still had a massive presence in cineplexes. But what is the quintessential, the finest example of science-fiction storytelling of the ‘aughts?

That’s what’s up for debate on this week’s very special episode of the LeagueCast! Join Jeff, Adam, Shawn, and guest host Announcer Bob as they talk leaves on the wind, 10-foot tall blue cat people, psychotic doomsday prophets in bunny costumes, garage-based time travel, a society where women have gone infertile, robotic teddy bears, shantytowns full of aliens, and so much more, as they try to narrow it down and come to a consensus on the best sci-fi film of the early 2000s!

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