Warner Brothers Greenlights MARTHAS – A Prequel To BATMAN V SUPERMAN


Despite a horrific 29% freshness rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice continues to please hardcore DC fans while racking up huge numbers at the box office. One of the aspects of the film that reduces grown men to quivering, blubbering masses of emotion is the moment in the climactic battle between Batman and Superman where the Dark Knight realizes he and The Man Of Steel both have Mommies named Martha, instantly turning them from enemies to best friends.

According to studio sources, Warner Brothers is so overwhelmed by the response this scene is generating, they have fast-tracked a dark and gritty Martha Kent/Martha Wayne prequel film titled Marthas, which will be written by David Goyer and helmed by DC movie guru Zack Snyder after he completes Justice League Part I.

The film will take place in 1980, about a year before the murder of the Wayne family, so The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan is expected to reprise her role as Martha Wayne. No actress has been signed to play Martha Kent as of yet, but Snyder said he was looking for someone who could “embody the sexiness of a young Diane Lane.” Little is known about the plot of the film, but sources close to Goyer say the script cuts back and forth between the two women, showing what they did in their day to day lives when Superman and Batman were just small children.

Though Snyder’s plate is loaded, he seems very enthusiastic about bringing more diversity to the DC Extended Universe, and tackling less action-oriented subject matter:

“I know Gal (Gadot) was saying she wanted to see more female characters in our cinematic universe, so Marthas is going to be a great opportunity for us to develop two very strong women with a lot in common despite traveling very different paths in life. I can’t wait to present exciting, dramatic material to our fans like Martha Wayne watching Alfred feed young Bruce soup, and Martha Kent hanging laundry on the Kent farm.”

But Marthas isn’t going to be completely devoid of trademark visual bombast and intense action sequences:

“We have an incredible underwater action scene storyboarded out that explains the origins of the pearls in Martha Wayne’s famous pearl necklace that is shattered during her murder in crime alley. It’s going to be great.”

There is no set release date for Marthas, but the film should be in theaters sometime in April, 2018.


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