LEAGUECAST #131 – WARCRAFT Spoiler Review


This week, it’s the very first LeagueCast CAR-CAST! Yes, that’s right kids, this week’s episode was recorded in a car outside of the local movie theater near Geek League HQ, immediately after Jeff and his special guests Jared Skolnick and Announcer Bob saw Warcraft! It’s guerrilla podcasting at its finest as the crew share their thoughts on director Duncan Jones’ epic fantasy adaptation of the mega-popular Blizzard video game. Jeff and his co-hosts discuss whether the film is deserving of its horrific reviews and poor domestic box office performance; talk about their own individual experience (or lack thereof) with the Warcraft video games; review the plot, characters, action sequences, visual effects, and 3D; and analyze the monumental task Duncan Jones had to bring this ambitious fantasy world to life. WARNING! FULL SPOILERS!

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All music used for review purposes. Theme music by Jeremy Simonich. Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.


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