LEAGUECAST #138 – STRANGER THINGS Discussion & News Headlines


Venture into the Upside Down and wrap yourself up in a blanket woven out of misty ’80s movie magic this week on the LeagueCast, as the gang dives into a dissection and analysis of the latest smash Netflix hit, Stranger Things! Jeff and Adam are joined by Announcer Bob for this in-depth discussion about the nostalgic feelings the show triggers and the incredible visual aesthetic of the series, which masterfully melds elements from The Goonies, Explorers, Monster Squad, Stephen King stories, Alien, Poltergeist, and Steven Spielberg movies like E.T. and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind together to create a loving pastiche of ’80s sci-fi/horror storytelling. The guys also share their love and appreciation for the show’s characters, from the lovable kid foursome and the mysterious telekinetic Eleven, to disheveled Sheriff Hooper and desperate mother Joyce. Of course, the themes of childhood and family are also discussed, as well as that awesome John Carpenter-esque snyth score!

All this, plus reactions to the early negative reviews of Suicide Squad, Marvel’s decision to re-title Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II, weekly movie/TV/comic recommendations, and the usual banter and tangents in the mighty League manner!

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All music used for review purposes. Theme music by Jeremy Simonich. Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.


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