Once more unto the breach, dear friends!

Yup, that’s right gang, on this week’s LeagueCast, Jeff, Shawn, and Adam delve yet again into the murky depths of sadness and despair surrounding The Batman! All the latest developments are analyzed and discussed, from the conflicting news reports about the state of the screenplay, to Matt Reeves being close to signing on the dotted line, to Ben Affleck possibly walking away from the project entirely! Also on the docket this week are reviews for the pilot episode of FX’s new X-Men show Legion, and the back half season premiere of The Walking Dead. All this, and reaction to the Avengers: Infinity War hype trailer, weekly geek media recommendations, and the usual banter and tangents in the mighty League manner!

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All music used for review purposes. Theme music by Jeremy Simonich. Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.


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