This week on the LeagueCast, Adam returns to join Jeff, Shawn, and The Shmozz in a full-on SPOILER-filled review of the fourth film in the DC Extended Universe – Wonder Woman! The gang discusses the record-breaking box office numbers for director Patty Jenkins, the importance of this female superhero icon finally getting her own big budget movie, the parallels between the film and Captain America: The First Avenger (and how they both handle the war setting/themes), the action scenes, the kick-ass Amazons on Themyscira,  the supporting characters, villains, musical score, and much more! Did DC finally get one right this time? Find out by clicking that download button! Plus, the weekly news headlines, box office report, and the usual banter and tangents in the mighty League manner!

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All music used for review purposes. Theme music by Jeremy Simonich. Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.


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