The answer is…


And me. And everyone who ever stayed up past their bedtime to read a Spider-Man comic with a flashlight underneath the covers; or shoved Doritos in their face while watching Godzilla movies on a Saturday afternoon; or spent hours tweaking their Dungeons & Dragons character sheet; or waited in line for hours to see a Star Wars movie; or sat in a coffee shop with friends pouring over the mysteries and minutiae of LOST; or…well, you get the idea.

This site is about everything that geeks love and hold near and dear: movies, comic books, toys, webcomics, video games, genre TV, cosplaying, conventions, and so much more. I’ve been writing reviews and articles on the Internet since 1996, and I’m looking forward to providing my readers with quality critiques, essays, “Top Ten” lists, interviews, and news bits – not just from myself – but from a team of superheroic nerds banded together from the cosmic reaches of the Internet! And – for the first time ever – I will be hosting a weekly, hour-long podcast called the LEAGUECAST!

I don’t want The Geek League of America to be just another blog;  I want it to be a community, a team, a force of like-minded people who celebrate their nerdiness.  I want this place to be a haven for writers, artists, filmmakers, cosplayers, critics, gamers, and fans of all genres. I’m not going to be shy about it. I want this site to be huge. I want to see people at San Diego Comic Con rocking Geek League of America T-shirts, and I want our podcast on the iPhones of every Game of Thrones viewer, Avengers reader, World of Warcraft player, and Anime cosplayer.  I can’t accomplish any of that without your support, so I promise to work my ass of and earn it. So, unfurl your geek banner, fly it high and proud, and join the GEEK LEAGUE OF AMERICA today!