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Aaron Peterson

Once an aspiring filmmaker and now relegated to the more glamorous life of husband and father, Aaron is a lover of all things film...and Latina. His film taste varies in its openness to genre as well as anything that does not involve 'an inspiring story', with a particular fondness for horror and quirky acting. He has reviewed films for over a decade and strives to see a movie from a fan's perspective, not just a critic's. Aaron is also the producer and co-host of The Hollywood Outsider, a weekly movie & TV podcast.

Top 5 WORST Geek Film Trends Of 2013

If you read my previous article, you already know what I did like; what trends made me giddy as the film geek I am. But what about those trends I’m seeing that I don’t like? Or even more so – I LOATHE? Well, Here. We. Go: