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Johnny Donaldson

Johnny Donaldson is an actor, writer, foodie, and raconteur who’s been immersed in the geek world since childhood, especially when The X-Files changed his life. (Fox Mulder is his Han Solo.) A published film critic (his college-era movie reviews can be found in the archives of and a film producer with two films under his belt, Johnny likes kitty cats, coffee, the color purple (not the movie, the literal color purple), dark microbrews and good horror/scifi/fantasy and superhero movies. And occasionally long walks on the beach, when it’s not too hot.

Movie Reviews

The Warrior’s Way suggests what you’d get if you mashed-up the ouevres of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Zack Snyder, Sergio Leone, and Ronny Yu. Samurais battle cowboys in a surreal dreamlike old West while bearded ladies and circus clowns prance around the edges, and if that sounds at all intriguing — it isn’t.

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