Author Jerrold Reber

Jerrold Reber

By day Jerrold occupies a cubicle, consumes enough coffee to enter a new dimension of existence, and daydreams what it’d be like to have a crime fighting talking car. But when he leaves work, Jerrold operates under the guise of an stark-raving mad geek. He’s a movie aficionado, binge-watches Netflix and other movie outlets, and is a total TV junkie. His addiction has led to an unhealthy and rabid obsession of various geek pantheons – Star Trek, Star Wars, both DC *AND* Marvel, cult ’80s and ’90s television, Supernatural, The X-Files, Doctor Who, and, and…holy overload. Aside from wishing he lived in a blue police box, Jerrold also enjoys the best of craft beers and being tortured by Philly professional sports. (And no, he isn’t a scruffy-looking nerf herder, he swears.)