Author Keith Senecal

Keith Senecal

Keith is the epitome of a kid at heart with a healthy geek twist. Striking the delicate balance between being an adult and being a kid, he inevitably can’t stop his love of Lego and other geek addictions from showing through – much to the enjoyment of his friends, co-workers, wife, and family. Transformers, Batman, and Star Wars top his list while a pervasive admiration and enjoyment of DC, Marvel, and Lego in just about any format occupy what remaining brainpower he has at the end of the day. And as if you had to ask, yes he did shed a tear in 1986 when Optimus Prime died on the big screen. When not trying to cram in additional pop culture goodness into his life, Keith enjoys the occasional bike ride, ball games at Fenway Park, and knowing who really shot first.