Aaron Wood

Aaron is a graphic designer currently residing in the state of Massachusetts. When he’s not creating artwork that has a social media or pop culture angle to it, he’s probably trying to cook up a plot to score some lobster.3 Articles

As an infant, John was rocketed to earth from a doomed planet. Landing in Queens, NY, he was raised by a lovely Irish couple in a stately apartment that had two poles that went to the basement. His parents tried to raise him as a normal boy, but his geek DNA won out. He thrived on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, Sunday Funnies, comic books, TV, movies, books and drawing. Today, John is a graphic designer, a cartoonist, a teller of tales, and a Sci-Fi & Comic Geek. He rides the Interwebs as Surfside Jack, lover of genre fiction, movies, books, music and art. Oh, and beer. Good beer. He keeps threatening to launch his own Website and flood the planet with stuff from his brain. Heaven help us all if he ever gets off his ass and does it.2 Articles

Alexis Turner

Alexis Turner is the doppelganger of Audrey Hepburn. She is also a student of Psychology and Criminal Justice with a passion for comic books, online gaming, writing, reading, and Sci-Fi television and movies. She hopes to one day become a doctor of criminal psychology and would love to (someday) publish papers on comics and psychology. Her current favorite comics are Hawkeye and ‘The Winter Soldier. Her favorite television series are The X-Files and Fringe. She hates long walks on the beach and would much rather curl up with a good book and a strong cup of tea. Feel free to email her at She can’t wait to hear from you.2 Articles

Chris Keno

Chris Keno has been a comics geek for over 35 years, and is thankful his 'dark age' came in the late 90's. He's not ashamed to admit he owns both the Flash and Birds of Prey Complete Series on DVD. He's married and raising three geeks-in-training.2 Articles

Shae Rossi

Shae Rossi is a freelance writer and editor during the day, and a belly dancing circus gal by night. Shae grew up reading comics, and devouring every fantasy and sci-fi novel, TV show, or movie she could find. When she's not performing, she's usually curled up with her Kindle, out with friends exploring the Boston area's plethora of amazing cuisines and spirits, belly dancing at an SCA event, or catching up on all the video games she missed out on during her 6-year long devotion to World of Warcraft.1 Articles

Jared is a young and stupid filmmaker who will one day be older. His film, The Music of Erich Zann, screened at 16 international film festivals, winning awards along the way. His most recent short 'The Earth Rejects Him' is currently beginning its festival run. He currently works as a freelance photographer and videographer in Massachusetts, developing ideas for feature films and hoping to share his love for the movies with the world.1 Articles

Keith Senecal

Keith is the epitome of a kid at heart with a healthy geek twist. Striking the delicate balance between being an adult and being a kid, he inevitably can’t stop his love of Lego and other geek addictions from showing through - much to the enjoyment of his friends, co-workers, wife, and family. Transformers, Batman, and Star Wars top his list while a pervasive admiration and enjoyment of DC, Marvel, and Lego in just about any format occupy what remaining brainpower he has at the end of the day. And as if you had to ask, yes he did shed a tear in 1986 when Optimus Prime died on the big screen. When not trying to cram in additional pop culture goodness into his life, Keith enjoys the occasional bike ride, ball games at Fenway Park, and knowing who really shot first.1 Articles

Tom Racine

Tom Racine is a graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator and corporate video producer who happens to sound pretty good on a microphone, hence his comics-related podcast, Tall Tale Radio. ( He is proud to be one of the original comic/sci-fi/fantasy geeks who came of age in the 1980s, and he's a huge film buff of all types. He's a night person in love with the dawn, and is therefore tired a lot. (Having two daughters under the age of 7 doesn't help, but it sure is fun.) He's always up for a chat about film or the comics, so feel free to follow him on twitter at "talltaleradio."1 Articles

Adam Gagnon

Adam Gagnon is an alien. Infiltrating these United States by way of Canada, he thought the only way to blend in was through total pop culture immersion. After finding a love for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Spider Man, he realized you didn't have to try to blend into the New York suburbs from three hours over the border. A mild mannered internet marketer by day; Adam watches an absurd amount of DVDs and plays any video games he can get his hands on by night. After all, "with no power comes no responsibility." He realized with all of his time spent in fictional worlds and talking about them, writing about them was the next logical step. More of Adam's reviews can be found at He also has an affinity for graphic t-shirts and draws and creates them at Articles

Merrilee Hale

Merrilee Hale is a graphic designer, illustrator, and website developer who functions like a superhero when it comes to making our site look awesome. She idolizes Ellen Ripley, Dana Scully, and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. While working, she can usually be found binging on every Netflix series with more than 4 seasons.